The SILICON VALLEY CAREER PATHWAYS project (SVCP), is a joint project between the San Jose-Evergreen Community College District (SJECCD), and Metropolitan Education District (MetroED). The project is funded by two separate California Career Pathways Trust Round 2 grants: SJECCD $13.2 million & MetroED $6 million

In July 2014, the California Legislature passed and the Governor signed into law the California Education Code, sections 53010 through 53016, and the Budget Act of 2014, Statutes 2014, creating the California Career Pathways Trust with funds in the amount of $250 million. The purpose of the grants is to create career pathway programs that develop and integrate standards-based academics with a career-relevant, sequenced curriculum following industry-themed pathways that are aligned to high-need, high-growth, or emerging regional economic sectors and provide articulated pathways to postsecondary education aligned with regional economies.

SILICON VALLEY CAREER PATHWAYS is a regional collective, involving 9 community colleges, 10 school districts, 3 alternative and charter schools, 3 California State Universities, 3 Workforce Investment Boards, the Deputy Sector Navigators, and nearly 30 employers.



  • Create and strengthen regional collaboration between education and industry to provide current workforce opportunities.

  • Prepare students with fundamental competencies in STEM through best practices including accelerated, contextualized and experimental learning.

  • Encouraging students at each level of education to pursue high demand careers through career orientation, experimental learning, work base learning, job shadowing and work experience.

  • Facilitate collaboration between faculty and industry experts and coordinate professional development opportunities.

  • Research and analyze labor market data to enhance the STEM opportunities for students.