Top 3 Reasons to Give StudentLingo as a Gift

by Daniel Negrete and Megan Crossfield

The holiday season is here, and all of us at Silicon Valley Career Pathways would like to offer StudentLingo to our consortium partner educators as a gift for you to use in next year’s classes. In this blog, we’ll explore three reasons why StudentLingo is an amazing gift you can pass on to your students in the upcoming year.

1.      StudentLingo doesn’t only enhance learning strategies, rather it takes the best from education and professional development to provide students with workshops they can use to become well-rounded individuals. Workshop topics include reducing test anxiety, discovering your learning style, writing effective resumes and cover letters, and much more.

2.      StudentLingo can be incorporated to enhance classes, orientations, student services and act as a motivator. Our on-site counselor incorporated StudentLingo in her class lectures as part of her curriculum. Teachers within our consortium have used it as extra credit opportunities for their students. Feedback from the students has been positive as it has given them the opportunity to study new learning techniques.

3.      Most importantly, it’s free to our consortium partners.

We hope this list helps clarify any doubts you may have on about resource. If you would like more information on StudentLingo please visit our website to learn more.

Happy Holidays!