Team Profile: Arden


by Arden Ambrocio, Danny Negrete, & Megan Crossfield

This week we’ll be talking with our new MYF Program specialist Arden Ambrocio. Arden is responsible for conducting outreach to middle and high school students, coordinating events, supporting students, and conducting workshops.


I graduated from UC Davis in 2016 with a B.S. in Human Development and B. A. in Psychology. During my undergraduate, I became a teaching assistant for a summer enrichment program at UC Berkeley which is where I fell in love with working in education. I worked with first-generation low-income high school students from all over the Bay Area. As a first-generation student myself, I wanted to share my knowledge of navigating the college application process and provide Higher Ed resources to students who faced educational barriers within their communities.

I am currently a graduate student at San Jose State University earning my Masters in Counselor Education. As a graduate student I have been able to serve students from elementary school to college and have enjoyed being a resource to students from various backgrounds. I love working in this field and I am excited to grow as a leader and advocate for higher education.

Describe your typical day at SVCP:

Collaboration is key in any workspace that involves making a difference for student’s academic and/or career development success. Most of the projects I have been working on so far at SVCP is outreaching to various community colleges in order to help coordinate campus tours for our SVCTE students, as well as gathering research on how MYF can become a great resource for the high schools that we serve. I am also excited for the outreach opportunities and events we will be having this spring.  

Are you an Android or iOS user?

iOS, definitely! I have a Macbook so I must have an iPhone as well.

What are you listening to/reading/ watching these days?

I am a Netflix and Hulu addict so I’ve been catching up on a number of shows lately, but the ones that I am obsessed with currently are: The Good Doctor, This is Us, and The Good Place.

I listen to a variety of music genres from Soul to Hip Hop but the artists that I have been currently listening to on repeat are: Marc E. Bassy, Johnnyswim, and Us the Duo.

What’s the best thing about working at SVCP?

Although I just started in this new position, the best thing about being part of SVCP is the opportunity to be part of an initiative that will bridge opportunity gaps for many students in this region. The Silicon Valley is an ever changing and growing opportunity market and I am excited to be a part of the creation of pathways for students.

What do you like to do when you’re not working on workforce development (or education)?

When I am not working or in-school (where I spend almost all my time!), I sing in the choir at my local church! I also love going to various food and/or boba places.

Thank you, Arden! We are glad to have you on our team.