SVCP Partner Blog Series: Invent Your Future

by Ruth Stergiou, CEO, Invent Your Future

We hear a lot today about the changing nature of jobs – how routine tasks will be increasingly completed by robots; how cognitive tasks will be accomplished through Artificial Intelligence (AI). Since the arrival of the internet some 20 years ago the work world has changed significantly but it’s generally agreed that the next 20 years will see even more exponential change in the nature of work and what it takes to be successful.

Invent Your Future CEO, Ruth Stergiou speaking with students at Dare 2B Digital (2016)

AI today may be in its infancy, but change is coming fast and we need to think through how best to prepare students, employees, schools and companies for the new competitive world of work. It’s important to remember that while AI and machine learning may be driving the latest wave of technological change, that it is people who write algorithms. As discussed in a December 2017 McKinsey Global Institute podcast, The Future of Work, “In order for people to keep up, adapt, and work alongside effectively with highly capable machines, they will require a very different set of skills.” People, it would appear, will need technical fluency and soft skills, including empathy, curiosity, confidence and the ability to be creative.

The biggest shift emerging is that companies increasingly need employees who are multi-disciplinary, innovative thinkers and creative problem solvers rather than specialized in-depth knowledge workers who are successful test-takers.

At Invent Your Future, it is our goal to help facilitate this change.  With our Dare 2B Digital programs we provide highly motivational applied learning experiences which equip students with a robust problem solving approach. This methodology is based on design thinking, an approach which can be applied to an infinite number of challenges in students’ lives and work.

The Techshop by Fujitsu at Dare 2B Digital. (2016)

On March 3, 2018 in collaboration with Silicon Valley Career Pathways and MetroED, we will bring together 250 high school students interested in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math). During the day students will experience real-world problem solving with professionals from top Silicon Valley companies including PayPal, Deloitte, Logitech, Pharmacyclics – An AbbVie Company, Tesla Vehicles and Tesla Energy.

Participating companies work with the Invent Your Future team to select a challenge which is a real issue in their industry, is open-ended enough that it can have many possible solutions and is centered around experiences which a teenager can relate to and comprehend. Students will interview a partner to gain empathy into the problem, define a specific angle of the problem they want to tackle, come up with a lot of ideas, and create a prototype that they'll test out with a partner. The final product from each group will be a rough prototype of their product or experience. Winning teams will win exciting tech prizes and experiences including a private visit to the Tesla Vehicle factory in Fremont, California!

Students and educators participating in the Dare 2B Digital event. (2016)

Parents are also invited to attend Dare 2B Digital to attend a conference track of their own in which they will hear the latest on how to support their students from industry leaders, educators, college financial advisors and more.

Our goal is to increase digital fluency of young innovators through student engagement, industry mentoring and parent involvement. Since 2009, our highly successful Dare 2B Digital Conferences have excited, engaged and educated young innovators ages 11-17. From Silicon Valley to Southern California and around the globe, partners have an opportunity to bring these highly-acclaimed learning events to young innovators everywhere.

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